Eileen Casey, Pastel Painter

I am Eileen Casey and I thank you for stopping by to see my work.  I have always loved being creative and making art!  My family and friends were consistently  supportive throughout the years, encouraged me to draw and create.   Up until a few years ago, other people and things in my life always seemed to take precedent.   That changed in 2007 when I began working with pastels  following a series of serendipitous events and unexpected changes in my life…

Please feel free to view my work and leave any comments you may have!

2 Responses to “Eileen Casey, Pastel Painter”

  1. Hi Eileen, saw that you have a show at the Dolphin Gallery, congratulations. I simply love your pastel that is advertising the show. I just started working with pastels myself and have a long way to go. You might remember me from years ago….peace, Sheila Twyman. (did I have you in CCD class???)

    • Hi Sheila! You are so nice to write! As you can see, I need a website! Of course I remember you. And thank you. I love paintng nests, which is the subject of the show. I’ll be at the Pembroke Library, too, with other work, in conjunction with their Arts Festival. Are you an artist? 🙂 Eileen

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